Cream-filled and topped pastry

Our pastry products give you all the aroma and fragrance of pastries and brioches that have just come out of the oven for breakfast.
Tasty cream-filled, topped and savoury pastries , available in both the classic and mignon versions are prepared meticulously by expert hands with genuine, fresh ingredients.
Our fresh cakes are prepared to antique recipes, but can be customised with decorations of your choice to become unique.
All pastries are prepared daily , for both dough and baking, to guarantee absolute freshness and quality.

pasticceria frescaOur fresh products include:

– Breakfast pastries – leavened and puff
– cream-filled and topped pastries
– breakfast savouries
– cakes
– fresh decorated cakes
– cakes for ceremonies
– cream-filled mignon pastries
– savoury mignon pastries

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