Our history

Our company was established 35 years ago, due to the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of the Marchi family. At the time, the family managed its own gastronomy business, a rotisserie and a coffee bar. The new adventure began when they decided to start producing and selling fresh bread and to open a bakery involving the entire family in management and production. MARCHI VANDA, the mother’s maiden name, was the trade name chosen to represent the company’s trade mark.

Over the years, the company structured itself and grew. As it did so, the desire to expand and diversify did too, in order to offer a cream-filled or topped pastry product line alongside the bread and focaccia. Under the impulse of that same innovation spirit and an ongoing search for new growth paths, in 1998 the company decided to launch a Tuscan tradition Biscuit and Pastry line, on the pastry market.

The year 2000 saw another change in our company’s dynamic evolution. To handle its growth and diversification, it chose to invest in a modern production site for both offices and logistics. Spread over about 2000 square metres, besides enabling better work organisation and guaranteeing a greater production capacity, this site satisfies a food quality, safety and hygiene logic; something that has always been the company’s main commitment.

Today our company has about 50 employees and it’s able to satisfy both the demand of stores such as bars, delicatessen and traditional shops, and large retail chains, without never sacrificing quality.

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